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    How to access the Courses

    The programme is free for all members of the EACVI. Please use your EACVI or ESC login to access the course.

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    To obtain your Certification

    The EACVI offers certification about the completion of this dedicated teaching and training programme for pocket size ultrasound devices if the self-assessment of all courses has been completed successfully by the candidate, and if the candidate can provide a proof of practical skills.

    1) Self-assessment with Multiple choice questions.
    The programme consists of several courses. Multiple choice questions in the format "best possible answer out of five choices" will be asked at the end of each course. A pass mark of 90% per course (one wrong answer) is required for its successful completion. Multiple attempts are allowed, i.e. you can repeat the test to increase your percentage of correct answers.

    2) Hands-on training.
    For this, the candidate chooses an experienced echocardiographer who is affiliated with a hospital echo lab. This person must apply in writing to the EACVI to act as supervisor for the candidate (access the Supervisor Application form here).
    After the hands-on training, the candidate submits a written statement of the supervisor certifying that the candidate has achieved basic skills (access the Supervisor Confirmation here).

    Upon acceptance of the two documents by the EACVI, the candidate will be provided a unique completion code for the hands-on training.

    The purpose of the hands-on training is that the candidate acquires basic skills in transthoracic echocardiographic image acquisition and is exposed to some routine pathology. The EACVI therefore requires the following as a minimum:
    - The hands-on training must be performed in a hospital echo lab.
    - The supervisor should personally and independently perform transtoracic echocardiography on a routine basis.
    - The supervisor should be personally present during the time of the training.
    - The hands-on training should have a minimum duration of 3 full working days.
    - During the hands-on training, the candidate should scan at least 20 patients under supervision.
    - After the training, the candidate should have basic skills in echocardiographic image acquisition. This includes the use of the different imaging windows, a principle understanding of how ideal standard imaging planes should look like, and the appropriate use of colour Doppler.

    Once all self-assessments of the courses are passed and the unique completion code of the hands-on training is entered into the online system, the candidate will be able to download his/her personal certificate from the education platform.

    Please contact the EACVI team if you have further questions or if you experience any problems.

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  • Educational Programme

    • The  European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging (EACVI) recommends specific training and certification for all users of pocket size ultrasound devices with the exception of cardiologists who are certified for transthoracic echocardiography according to national legislation. This programme was specifically designed to prepare for this EACVI certification.This Programme is composed of several courses which introduce in the principles of cardiac ultrasound, explain echocardiographic image interpretation and cover relevant cardiologic topics from the daily routine of a non-cardiologist.
    • Courses include an instructional lecture with illustrating figures and movies, references for further reading, multiple choice questions for self-assessment and teaching cases.
    • EACVI Certification can be obtained by the completion of the self-assessment questions as well as a by submitting a proof of successful hands-on training in a hospital echo department.

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