• Acknowledgements

    Core to the development of the General Cardiology Programme in ESCeL is the contribution and review work of the members of the Education Committee and MCQ group as well as Experts from the ESC Associations and Working Groups.

    The content is systematically peer-reviewed by a team of topic experts to ensure high quality and integrity of the programme.

    Thanks & Gratitude to:

    Alec Vahanian - Alexandros Stefanidis - Andras Szatmari - Avi Shimony - Bernard Cosyns - Bernard Iung - Caroline Daly - Chris Plummer - Christian de Chillou -  Christina Deluigi - Christos Katsouras - Clive Lawson - Danilo Neglia - Dimitrios Tsiachris - Dulce Brito - Haran Burri -  Helmut Baumgartner -  Hercules Mavrakis - Ivo Van Der Bilt - Jaap Deckers - Joana Silva - Jose Lopez Sendon - Katrina Naka - Lale Tokgozoglu - Laszlo Saghy - Lino Goncalvez -  Luis Moura - Manish Motwani - Maria Joao Andrade - Mark Westwood - Mattias Duytschaever - Mickael Cooklin - Nick Brooks - Olivier Varenne - Per Anton Sirnes - Peter Kearney - Peter Mills -  Pier Lambiase - Rafael Vidal Perez - Renee van den Brink - Ricardo Fontes - Rob Wright - Sofie Geveart - Stephan Von Haehling - Susanna Price - Thierry Gillebert - Usha Prasad - Xavier Garcia Moll.

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