• Knowledge

    The Knowledge module is composed of content and assessment, i.e., educational learning materials with associated multiple choice questions (MCQs) for assessment of knowledge acquisition.



    EHRA's educational content in ESCeL is organised around 8 tracks:

    1. Fellows device (CP) track
    2. Fellows EP track
    3. Allied Professionals Basic track
    4. Allied Professionals Advanced Device (CP) track
    5. Allied Professionals EP track
    6. Trained electrophysiologist track
    7. General cardiologists (in training) track
    8. Patients/Lay Public track


    All courses are mandatory to complete the learning programme.
    Courses are validated upon successful completion of the MCQ test: "Test your knowledge".
    Trainees may retake the test several times if needed.

    This is a formative exercise.


    The point system allows trainees to follow their progress through a "progress bar". They can also see at a glance course status:

    • Completed (green)
    • In progress (yellow) 
    • To be completed (red) 

    Accessing the courses

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