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360° Appraisal

360 Degree Appraisal Due Date Status
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In the ESCeLearning platform the multi-rater feedback (360 appraisal) is voluntary.
If trainees want to do it, they can identify a colleague, a nurse and a technician to perform the evaluation.
360 appraisal should be performed 3 times during the training period:
at the beginning, in the middle and before the end of the training period. The score will be from 0-100.

7 areas of competences are assessed:

  1. medical expert 
  2. communicator
  3. collaborator 
  4. manager
  5. health advocate 
  6. scholar 
  7. professional

The trainee and the local trainer will receive this feedback and they will discuss the results and decide how to improve, if needed.


The 360 Degree Appraisal component allows a trainee to request peer feedback 3 times during their training period.

During these 3 appraisal periods, the user can send requests to peers for appraisal. When the period closes, no more appraisals can be requested. 

This is an optional component of the professional development.

The 360 Degree Appraisal questions list is available for consulting.

Download the "360°  Appraisal Questions" list  (60 KB)

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