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A web-based educational tool for training in multimodality cardiac imaging

Topic(s): Cross-Modality and Multi-Modality Cardiac Imaging Topics

Dedicated to young physicians/doctors, EduCAD offers several clinical cases selected from the EVINCI study* population for training in the appropriate use of multimodal cardiac imaging.


Train in the appropriate use of multimodal cardiac imaging for diagnosis and management of ischemic heart disease. 


Choose your diagnostic pathway on the basis of clinical judgement and International Guidelines for the use of non-invasive/invasive imaging tests. 

Diagnosis and Therapy

Reach your clinical conclusion based on your choice and interpretation of the available anatomo-functional imaging exams. Take your decision for an appropriate treatment.

Expert Opinion

Compare your choices and your conclusions with the opinion of the EVINCI specialists who contributed to the EduCAD Editorial Board** by reviewing and validating each clinical case


* The EVINCI study has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)  under grant agreement n° 222915 and was supported by an unrestricted Grant from GEHC

**EduCAD Editorial Board

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