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The ESC is delighted to welcome you to the ‘ESC-U Cardiology Education for Universities’. This course is destined to medical students, trainees, and health professionals requiring training in cardiology.

In the context of Covid-19, most universities and medical schools are closed. Your National Cardiac Societies have reached out to the ESC for support in the continuation of your cardiology learning.

Your National Cardiac Society and the ESC Education Committee have developed this agile interactive learning pathway, to support you in your cardiology learning until your university reopens.

This online course is based on the newly updated ESC Core Curriculum for the Cardiologist and provides you with curated educational resources. You will also find a series of self-assessment activities, leading to CME credits. Do reach out to your Director of Training and use this resource to engage in a continued dialogue with them.

IMPORTANT: This course is a work in progress. It is being launched as part of the Rapid Response to Covid-19.  The ESC Education Committee will update each module on a regular basis (every other week). 

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