• Get started with EAPCI Learning Programme

    Eligibility criteria

    You need to be a member of EAPCI to enrol in the EAPCI Learning Programme (24-month long) and access its educational content.

    If not, find out more about how to become a member of EAPCI.

    Check on the map if your country is eligible and has identified a national coordinator.

    Note: For the time being, the EAPCI Learning Programme is only accessible to EAPCI members from ESC National Cardiac Societies and Affiliated Cardiac Societies, including GCC Countries (Bahrain, K.S.A, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, U.A.E, Yemen).

    For Germany:
    due to discussions between EAPCI and AGIK, registrations of candidates from Germany are currently on hold. Those interested candidates are requested to contact AGIK before registering.

    Enrollment process

    Four steps are required before starting the EAPCI Learning Programme.

    Step 1: Enrol and Complete the enrollment form

    If you are a Member of EAPCI, log in with your MY ESC credentials (Username & Password) to enrol as a Trainee.

    In the enrollment form, make sure to declare the Local Trainer and Training Director of your choice and indicate their name and email address.

    Note: Local Trainers are in charge of checking and evaluating Trainees' logbooks online during the training period.
    Training Directors' involvement in the programme is mainly to be kept informed throughout.

    Step 2: Local Trainer & Training Director's enrollment

    Your declared Local Trainer and Training Director are required to enrol individually on the platform by using their own My ESC credentials.
    Provide them with this enrollment link - for Local Trainers and Training Directors only:


    For administrative purposes, in the enrollment form, Local Trainer and Training Director must indicate the same Medical Institution and City as the Trainee's to allow all participants interconnection on the platform.

    Step 3: National Society Validation

    The National Society Coordinator for your respective country must validate online:

    • Your enrollment as a Trainee
    • Your Local Trainer's enrollment
    • Your Training Director's enrollment

    Check for an available National Coordinator in your country: National Coordinator list

    Step 4: Yearly Enrollment Fee Payment Payment - 100 € (VAT excluded) per the calendar year, from January to December

    Once your enrollment has been validated by your respective country National Coordinator, you will be prompted to pay for the 100 EUR (VAT excluded) yearly fee online.

    Important: You will not be able to start the EAPCI Learning Programme until you have paid for the Yearly Enrollment Fee.

    Yearly enrollment fee payment is expected to be renewed every year until you have completed the 2-year long programme.

    All Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 full completion is mandatory before you can start the EAPCI Learning Programme

    Upon successful enrollment on the platform, you may start the EAPCI Learning Programme and refer to the trainee's quick start guide 

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