• Professional development module


    Professional profile

    As part of the professional development tracking of the EAPCI learning programme, trainees are required to record the following:

    1. Publications
    2. Teaching
    3. Professional Experience
    4. Research 
    5. Meetings
    6. Additional information

    It is recommended to record your activity at regular intervals in the platform.

    If you wish, you can export (PDF, HTML, TXT) or share this information with people of your choice.

    360° appraisal

    The 360° Appraisal is a forum for multi-source feedback that serves as a guide to the 7 essential abilities physicians need for optimal patient outcomes.

    Requesting three appraisals of our peers throughout the course of your training period is recommended to track your professional growth.

    This is an optional functionality.

    Accessing the professional development module

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