• Skills module


    Case logbook

    Four clinical cases required.
    One individual clinical case should be submitted in each of 4 topics below, before the end of the training period (24 months):

    1. Primary PCI
    2. PCI in Unstable patient
    3. PCI in Stable patient
    4. Special case or complication (at the discretion of the trainee)

    Make sure the submitted cases relate to patients handled during the training period.

    Your case submissions will be evaluated and scored by your local trainer.

    Procedure logbook

    The procedure logbook is a continuous process whereby you need to record a minimum number of procedures on a monthly basis:

    Procedure types Minimum number  Recommended number
    Stable patient with p-PCI 70 100
    PCI in STEMI patients* 40 50
    PCI in unstable patients 40 50

    * PCI in STEMI can be one of the following situations:

    • primary PCI
    • rescue PCI
    • PCI taking place 3-24h after successful thrombolysis


    Your local trainer will review and verify your procedure monthly totals.

    Patients safety logbook

    As part of the skills tracking, you are required to record complications within of the patient safety logbook.
    This is to be performed on a monthly basis and will be signed off by your local trainer.

    Direct observation of procedural skills - DOPS

    Your local trainer will conduct three reviews throughout the course of your training period.
    These reviews are based on procedures you have conducted while being observed by you local trainer.

    Recording your cases, procedures, complications & DOPS

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