• The Skills Module

    An essential part of all the offered programs, the Skills module is used for the observation and assessment of practical skills via e-logbooks and DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills). This module must be completed so that trainees can demonstrate their aptitude at hands-on work in a clinical setting. It is where trainees will record, log, and review all the relevant information pertaining to their:

    • Case Logbooks
    • Procedure Logbooks
    • Patient Safety Logbooks
    • DOPS (Direct Observation of Procedural Skills)

    Everything entered into the Skills module will be viewed and monitored by the trainee, and if relevant to the learning program by their trainer.

    To access the Skill module:

    1. Select and click the desired Area of Study from the drop-down menu on the right side of the ESCeL Learning platform homepage. (see menu on right)
    2. Find the navigation bar along the top of the chosen Area of Study page and click on "Skills."

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